Redhill Massage


 Telephone Booking: 07736 167 409

Jamie, Redhill

Just wonderful, excellent massage treatment, friendly and professional service offered by Amy. I wish you all the success in your business at Redhill.

Josh, Gatwick

I was pleasantly surprise to see Chinese massage parlour in Redhill, I been there few times and I really enjoy the service there.

Patel, Crawley

Thank you Redhill Chinese Massage, wonderful friendly massage therapy centre.

John, Reigate

Spacious room and friendly staff allow me to relax and enjoy massage treatment at Redhill Chinese massage. I wish them every success in their business.

Tom, Redhill

So happy that the Chinese massage shop is running so close to where I live. I wish Redhill Chinese shop all the best wishes.


Jane, Redhill

I had problem sleeping due to stress and shoulder and neck pain. I had couple of massage sessions at Redhill Chinese massage shop. Now I feel much better and I am not afraid of going to bed to sleep.

John, Reigate

I had a wonderful full body massage at Redhill Chinese Massage shop.

Big thank you to Amy for looking after me,